At Fuyun, we have a wide selection of bath tubs and bath seats designed for comfort and style so that your little one can enjoy bath time. Whether it's a gentle bath with warm water or a big splash in the big bath tub, you will find the right bath tub chair to soothe your infant. Baby bath tubs are designed to accommodate all baby sizes and stages, providing a safe and comfortable place for your baby to take a bath. Our bath tub seats are made of comfortable materials, and they're easy to use. They have suction feet that do not damage tub surfaces.

Discover our selection of infant bath tubs that are easy to clean and made of soft materials to make a newborn bath relaxing and safe. The bath tub chair provides stability and protection inside and outside the bath tub. It is also easy to install and remove, so your child can easily get in and out of the bath tub. The baby bath tub is the perfect place for your child to play and practice for future swim lessons. Bath tubs have specially designed seats and backrests to provide comfort and support in order to relax the baby in the bath tub. Additionally, the bath tubs have easy-to-install suction cups and no sharp edges, ensuring a smooth and secure fit to the bath tub. We also have baby bath tubs made for little hands. They include padded handles for a soft and safe grip. Our baby bath tubs include a portable tub, bathing station, and bathing seat, and they're available in different colors and designs. The tubs can also include a soft sponge to cleanse the baby's body and a handheld showerhead for rinsing.

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